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  • Firstly pay close attention to the reviews about the business, believe the saying "less is more".

    If a company has 100s to thousands 0f reviews pay attention to the way they are written, very often people don’t have the time or patience to write a review and are just happy to have their car back. The very odd occasion you come across a customer that are willing to leave there own review without being asked or pressured by in house laptops or pads to write a review whilst they wait to receive their car back, believe me yes I’ve been told this by one of our customers. 

    Secondly do your homework there is currently a local company, that have changed addresses 4 times and telephone contact number 4 times and when you research their previous business name and address, they have nothing but really bad reviews. Just because they turn up in a new vehicle, which is livered doesn’t mean they know what they are doing. Pay close attention to the way the van is fitted out, tools, equipment etc "is the whole space of that van fitted out and used for the purpose of repairs to vehicles" or does it just have a tool box and a few other bits in the back..... Or worse still are they turning up in a normal car with tools as this one is a real danger. Don’t be afraid to ask for insurance certificate "Public liability" before they commence work this is a sure one to get them packing and running for the hills, as believe me they will be working and trading using normal car insurance and should therefore not be trading and Thus not insured should they damage your vehicle.

    Remember cheap is not the best solution if you want the right repair. Quality and Knowledge is the key to every success, exactly the physics and platform your vehicle was built upon. 

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    Unlock the vehicle

    before you put the key into the ignition

    foot on brake and clutch pedal

    insert key and turn to position 3 don not start car and keep feet on pedals

    lights on dash will go out and imobiliser light will flash codes

    count flashes,,,, there will be a slight pause between each digit. codes are four digits long if it flashes for a while, you have a lot of codes stored in the ECU get it checked out.

    Works on some Vauxhalls if it doesnt work by your second attempt on the above instructions the chances are your doing everything right, its just not supported by your vehicle.

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    This is for your information only, any damage caused is at your own risk and we do not accept any responsibility for your actions as a result of this advise. DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK...

    Clio2 kangoo and master infra red key resync

    1 Turn off ignisition
    2 Press central door locking button on fob for 5 seconds: The door will lock then unlock.

    3 After the event of lock/unlock 10 seconds is given.

    4. Point the 1st key and press the lock button twice within the 10 secs. The doors will lock/unlockrepeat this process for other keys.

    5 check to see if the procedure has worked

    The remotes should be synced to the vehicle

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