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  • Does Dpf cleaning work? YES and NO.

    If your DPF is blocked this is due to a mixture problem FUEL / AIR ratio or faulty sensor. Your vehicle is designed to automatically look after the DPF and self clean it.


    Cleaning the DPF after resolving the original fault, preventing the car from self regenerating the DPF (YES)

    REMAPPING works but will cause other issues long term, (Ticking Time Bomb). We don’t agree with remaps as all too often your vehicle will end up with serious engine failure within a year or two depending on how often you use the vehicle. The real gain in BHP and keeping within the safe parameters of the engines engineering really does out way the cost.

    I’ve known programmers to rig the readings to show the customer more BHP on the rolling road to show more than their really getting. Real performance tweaks are program based and parts based forged cams, pistons etc. Costing thousands not a "few hundred pounds, that provide short term costly results".

    If you want a faster car buy one, but certainly don’t try and make a car more than what it is with a few hundred pounds. Remapping if the vehicle is roadside tested and it fails on emissions, your vehicle will be taken off the road there and then and until it is resolved and re-tested it will remain off the road.

    Remapping for fuel economy works well as long as the vehicle allows for modification of variation in fuel input and air intake.

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